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One of the things that puzzles me about the Dubai assassination and all the speculation and publicty about it is the total lack of any American reporter’s interest in the American connection to this event. As has been well publicized, most of the Mossad operatives used credit cards issued by MetaBank in Des Moines, Iowa. Most reports I’ve seen give MetaBank a pass, apparently thinking it’s a small midwest bank that was taken in by pros. Not so fast, with 30 minutes digging here is what I found out.

First, these were prepaid credit cards issued by MetaBank through their arrangement with a company by the name of Payoneer, Inc. This company headquartered in New York City issues these cards to International travelers and facilitates the currency conversions making their use cheaper and easier. Second, Payoneer’s CEO is Yuval Tal, an Israeli citizen and former Special Ops commando in the IDF. Payoneer also has their R&D operations in Tel Aviv. There is no way Payoneer, given their background, is going to issue credit cards to enemies of Israel.

While the evidence mounts that this was a Mossad hit, my question is where are the US authorities. What took place is financial fraud and money laundering and yet not a peep out of anyone in the US. Either the US was complicit in this assassination, or the long arm of Israel reaches into our criminal justice system. Either way something is rotten.

If the US was complicit in this heinous act, then couldn’t they find a smarter bank to use for their espionage? I have written to both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives to explain to them just how stupid Meta Bank had acted toward me in the past. Why did Meta Bank act so stupid? Perhaps they are stupid and should not be used for covert activities. But, Meta Bank was involved with an assassination and to me that is unacceptable. That man was due a fair trial in a court of law, and he did not get that. What kind of morons are we for allowing this kind of act to happen? Then if this was actually sanctioned, it will only pull us into war. Keep us out of war. It will be all of the people of the United States demanding that Meta Bank be held accountable.

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  1. What makes terrorism respectable? The main criterion is success.

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