Meta Bank gets free labor to promote its cards ~ Have you been duped?

Here is how Meta Bank runs competitions to get other organizations, including other banks in the United States, to promote their product for them. This sounds like such an honest and upright organization on this side of the coin. Meta Bank needs these people to do this work for them for next to nothing. However there is the very dark side of the coin, that Meta Bank is not showing, but the customers are complaining. Meta Bank indicates they are the world’s largest “issuer of prepaid, credit and debit payment solutions.” This is where they have found that they can make the most money. It seems to be the newest area of banking and the least regulated so that Meta Bank can set up and change the rules of the game as they go along without being caught, at least so far. Meta Bank needs to be stopped. Many of these people do not yet realize that they have been duped or used by Meta Bank. “ changing the way people use, borrow and manage money” is a catch phrase that sounds good, but in Meta Bank’s case it means poor customer service and a very quick turn over in profits for Meta Bank. The customer client may be happy on a short term basis since they may also experience a greater return of profits, but they will lose customers in the long run since Meta Bank’s specialty is in compliance and processors. Meta Bank creates a bigger problem where there may have been only a minor problem or none at all. Companies would do best to steer clear of Meta Bank entirely. Long term, Meta Bank will drive all of your loyal customers away.

PRESS RELEASE   Feb. 10, 2010, 4:34 p.m. EST ·Meta Payment Systems(R) Announces Winner of Holiday Season           ‘Best Experience Story Challenge’

SIOUX FALLS, S.D., Feb 10, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Meta challenged financial institution clients to submit stories of how they were able to help an individual or group by placing a custom large Gift Card order. The winning “Best Experience Story Challenge” story was submitted by Donna Gross of Hartford Savings Bank, Hartford, Wisconsin.

Meta would like to applaud Donna Gross of the Hartford Savings Bank. Donna identified the needs of the Slinger High School Marching Band (SAMBA) in Slinger, Wisconsin as they were preparing to take a trip to London, England. Donna looked for ways that she could help, and used the Large Order process to accomplish her goals while driving additional card sales from friends and family in support of the trip. She did a great job of serving her community, representing her bank and going the extra mile to ensure the band students had the experience of a lifetime!

“We received genuinely heartwarming stories from many of our clients,” commented Nikkee Rhody, Director of Business Resources Management. “Our jury found it difficult to choose from among the outstanding examples of service and compassion submitted by our clients.”

“It was wonderful to read about the experiences our clients shared with us,” added Mick Conlin, Senior Vice President, Agent Products. “The Harford Savings Bank story Donna submitted stood out because of her commitment to provide feature and benefit education about all of the product options available, not only to band members, but to friends and family that wanted to participate in support of the trip.”

In honor of winning the “Best Experience Story Challenge,” Hartford Savings Bank will receive a plaque; SAMBA – the charity of their choice – will receive a $500 donation; and Donna will receive a $100 Gift Card.

About Meta

Meta Payment Systems based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is the world’s leading issuer of prepaid, credit and debit payment solutions as well as the largest sponsor of ATMs in the United States. Meta Payment Systems, a division of MetaBank, delivers innovative financial products that are changing the way people use, borrow and manage money. Meta Payment Systems brings money to LIFE. Meta Financial Group, Inc. (CASH 20.54, -0.06, -0.29%) is the holding company for federally-chartered savings bank MetaBank. For more information visit meta pay .com  SOURCE Meta Payment Systems

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