I still want to know who METABANK is. Does anyone out there know?

I did not make an ATM withdrawal for $161.50, and I did not buy a Visa gift card from them. I do not know who METABANK is, and an unauthorized transaction was made from an ATM machine here in Redding, California with my Orchard Bank MasterCard. I have never, I swear to you, made an ATM withdrawal with this credit card, and Orchard Bank will not credit my account for that amount because it was an electronic withdrawal, they say, according to them, that is my spending habit (which is not true!), and because they do not have a receipt. This is such bull! If anyone can help me on this, please do! Thank you for your assistance!

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stan c

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Put your account on fraud alert through Trans Union Fraud Dept. Their toll free # 1-800-680-7289. They will notify the other 2 bureaus for you at no cost. You should also request your free credit report from annualcreditreport.com or call them toll free at 1-877-322-8228 for all 3 free reports. I would also close all accounts. Usualy banks are open 24/7. Better to be safe than sorry later.


Retired bill collector 35 years.

• 2 years ago

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This is the best answer I have gotten so far, and I really appreciate it. Thanks, Stan!

Is this what you are searching for?

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I was only able to get the company website in case this helps.


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MetaBank is a federally insured bank around Iowa, SD, etc., but no locations in California. However, they do provide ATM services to third parties, so I’m sure it’s listed on your statement because it’s the ATM provider. The website for MetaBanks ATM services :


They should be able to tell you which ATM and exact time of transaction. Whoever actually used the ATM will be on video at that exact time. I doubt though they’d go to the trouble to investigate until you report the credit card fraud. Make sure you report it and have your card cancelled and replaced. You can also go through the Better Business Bureau to make a complaint if MetaBank or Orchard don’t address your concerns.

I haven’t been through this exact situation. However, I had trouble once when I tried to make a withdrawal, but the money didn’t come out and the amount was deducted from my account anyway. Had to jump through some hoops, and they had to audit the ATM, but I got my money back in less than a week.

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It involves Meta Bank

The customer complains about the problem to their own bank, but in effect receives one from Meta Bank which states, “ they say, according to them, that is my spending habit (which is not true!), and because they do not have a receipt.”

Another responder on-line notes what Meta Bank through Orchard Bank has failed to observe and to follow through on by way of customer service and customer protection:

If Meta Bank and Orchard Bank had responded in a professional and business like manner, they both would have provided the customer and themselves with:

  • which ATM was used to make the transaction in question
  • the exact time of transaction
  • Who is shown making that transaction in the videos of that transaction
  • the exact time of the transaction along with the video footage of the transaction
  • Why didn’t Orchard Bank or Meta Bank first look at this video footage since the customer was questioning the ATM transaction? This shows a tremendous lack of professionalism on the part of both Orchard Bank and Meta Bank. It also shows that neither bank is oriented toward customer service in anyway. And that is the real problem at hand here!
  • The bigger problem is that neither bank understands that they should be customer service oriented. This is actually a character flaw within Meta Bank and now in Orchard Bank.
  • Meta Bank is not looking to resolve customer’s problems. Be warned not to do business with a company like this.

Is this a character flaw pervasive in the American people?

If you are outraged by this kind of Bank customer service, then you must speak out against this kind of service. Please do not think that you are immune from it. Meta Bank creates bank cards using different names and markets them targeted at specific audiences.

The last responder above notes yet another problem with a bank ATM machine that he had. He wrote, “when I tried to make a withdrawal( from the ATM machine), but the money didn’t come out and the amount was deducted from my account anyway. Had to jump through some hoops, and they had to audit the ATM, but I got my money back in less than a week.” It sounds like the bank he was dealing with responded appropriately though. Problems happen. It is how a bank goes about resolving those problems that shows the true character of that bank or any company. For that matter it is how anyone responds in the face of adversity where we see their true character.

Meta Bank creates the problems for their customs in the majority of cases by their internal practices. Meta Bank makes the rules that control the terms for all of their accounts or cards; they can change the rules without notice. The Meta Bank customer is completely at the mercy of the goodwill of Meta Bank representatives which is non-existent from all appearances and genuine customer reports.

Above Meta Bank did nothing to help to resolve the problem for the customer. Meta Bank,through Orchard Bank, actually pushed the blame back on the customer before lifting a finger to do any research into the real source of the problem for the customer; this is characteristic of Meta Banks’ customer service tactics. Given the response to this customer, I would really like to know how this turned out since often times it is Meta Bank who ends up keeping the money where they, themselves, can use their clients money, by keeping it from the client while blaming the client. It is Meta Bank’s pattern of use and abuse.

If you have personally been mistreated by Meta Bank, and you have been unable to resolve your problem in communicating with them in writing or by phone, please write to your State Attorney General’s Office to tell them what happened to you.

If everyone writes in, then all of the state attorney general’s will have a complete picture of what Meta Bank has done and is continuing to do. Please do not delay. Let’s get Meta Bank stopped as soon as possible. They have been doing this kind of thing far too long and getting away with it.

If no one writes in, Meta Bank will be able to continue to do just what they have always done in the past. Do you really want this to continue?

Also please contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint:

The Better Business Bureau:

Use this link to find the Better Business Bureau closest to you: http://www.bbb.org/

All Better Business Bureaus are listed at this link: http://www.bbb.org/us/list-all-bbb-locations/

Search for a Better Business Bureau in your area from a regional map using this link:


If you have been “taken advantage” of by improper or shady banking practices at Meta Bank, or any other bank in the USA,  please write to let the

Office of Thrift Supervision,

Department of the Treasury,

Consumer Affairs Division,

1700 G Street, NW;

Washington, DC 20552

know about all the details of what happened to you. Please include copies of all your written communications with that banking institution.

Please do this so that what happened to you and to me will never happen to another person again.

Also please write to your US senator and your US Legislator asking for real bank reforms that will protect the American people from predatory banks, like Meta Bank. However, there are others.

  • Bank locally. Build up your local community.
  • Save money regularly.
  • Only buy what you can pay cash for.
  • Live within your means with honor and real dignity.
  • Do not take out loans. Stay aware from these sharks!

We are all in this together. We must all find a solution for this together. Work to build up a supportive community right where you live. Find creative and legal solutions to being a good neighbor. We can beat these predatory banks at their own game – Don’t use them! Make them go broke for no other reason than they are nothing but crooks!

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