Have you been scammed by Meta Bank? I was

I do not want what happened to me to happen to another person.

Meta Bank’s response to my problem was unsatisfactory.

Please write to the Attorney General’s Office in your State to make a complaint if you got no satisfactory response from Meta Bank.

Also write to your US Senator and US Legislator asking for Bank Reform.

Meta Bank operates using different cards, look on the back to see the name of the bank that may have issued your prepaid National Brand Gift Card, iAdvance, NetSpend, Indigo, Freedom or AAA Travel Prepaid Debit Card. Meta Bank has studied and targeted each card to whom they will market it to appear to fully address your needs, but they are all actually the same card by Meta Bank. All of us need to write for this to get changed. Meta Bank will not be addressing your needs, they just want use of your money. Here is how their prepaid debit card works.

The Freedom Card is set up especially for students leaving home for the first time to go off to college. Their parents may be a little nervous about sending them away for for the first time on their own, but they want to give the kid a little “freedom” when they see this prepaid debit card being advertised that seems to address their situation perfectly.

This, of course, turns out to be nothing but a marketing tool. The prepaid debit card is the horrible nightmare by whatever name they choose to market it under. So the young kid goes off to school with an allotment of money, their money sometimes they have been saving for years set up into this account that their parents have been told is perfect for college students. The student makes purchases at Target, J.C. Penney and Walmart and then writes a rent check to their roommate for their half of the rent. The young person knows that there is enough money in the checking account connected to the prepaid or Meta Bank debit Freedom Card for him to pay off the rent and to make these other routine purchases. Why were the overdraft charges put on that account? Why did the check bounce?

(It is also customary for Meta Bank Customer Representatives to confuse or try to confuse the customer with a lot of extraneous verbiage that amounts to absolutely nothing other than being a distraction of meaningless terms that sound bankish.)

In talking to the Meta Bank Representative, the young college student, as a first time user of an out of state bank with the account just made for college students, he learns that Meta Bank put a hold on his account do to the appearance of  what looked to them like “terrorist” activity. The young person is puzzled by this since he had only shopped at Target, Walmart and at J.C. Penney and failed to see how anyone could interpret that as terroristic. Meta Bank also informed him that he could only use his bank accounts to make 10 purchases per month.

This is more controlling than either of his parents might have been. His parents might have asked him to account for how much he was spending at each location and on what kinds of things. Meta Bank was acting like “BIG BROTHER.” This family had given full control of their son’s college spending money  over to Meta Bank, and Meta Bank was making money off of this young man’s money while that young man suffered.

Meta Bank simply wants use of your money. That is how things work out in the end for no matter what piece of plastic they send you to carry around with you like a security blanket. The fact that that piece of plastic says Meta Bank on it puts you into a very precarious position. Meta Bank sets the rules and changes the rules at whim, always to their advantage so they can make money and you suffer.

Some people may say that they want free enterprise and that this is what America is all about. I would agree with the possibility of Free enterprise, but how should we try to protect ourselves from con artists who want to use or that is abuse our sense of freedom by pushing the limits of reason?

At this time there are no laws to protect us, the American people from banks like Meta Bank, and they are getting rich off of us while we suffer.

Please do not think that this cannot happen to you. They are out thinking up an advertisement specifically geared toward your needs and your one little fear so they can address that fear in their marketing, and you could be hooked in to that so easily before you even noticed the bank’s name Meta Bank on the back of that little plastic card.

No one is exempt from being targeted. They started with those people who had the least and they are now working their way up and outward in the American Society after practicing there, but nothing has changed in what they do and in what they provide. Meta Bank is out to win at all costs. By winning they make more money for themselves and they are competitive. Meta Bank hires people who can work in a fast paced and ever changing environment. Meta Bank does not advertise for honest and hard working people that you and I might actually want to deal with; they don’t want someone who is caring and compassionate.

This is like a computer game for them; they don’t care about you as a person. You don’t exist as a real person in their lives. When Meta Bank employees talk to you, the customer, on the phone about your problem with their service, many former customers indicate that the Meta Bank Representatives told them some ridiculous and outrageous lie. Meta Bank has no scruples, but they also have no intention of fixing the problem you, the customer, is having. Meta Bank created the problem for you so they could earn more money off of you. Why would Meta Bank “fix your problem” after that? It is a sick situation. Meta Bank has a very sick way of thinking. Since Meta Bank is not customer service oriented, it is for the customers to do something legal to correct the situation.

If you did not get a satisfactory response from Meta Bank, write to your State Attorney General’s Office to explain your complaint about Meta Bank. Remember that Meta Bank often uses another company to promote their product so their name may be in the fine print on your card.

If you have been “taken advantage” of by improper or shady banking practices at Meta Bank, or any other bank in the USA,  please write

to let the

Office of Thrift Supervision,

Department of the Treasury,

Consumer Affairs Division,

1700 G Street, NW;

Washington, DC 20552

know about all the details of what happened to you. Please include copies of all your written communications with that banking institution.

Also write to your US Senator and to your US Legislator asking for laws to control unscrupulous banks like Meta bank from doing what they have done to the American people. It is important that we all write. One person’s letter will make very little impression. It will be necessary for everyone to write. Please talk to your friends and see if they have had any bank problems. If they have, please get them to write to ask for protections in the laws that govern banks. Since the banks are not upright and honest, we must take action to see that we are treated fairly by the banks. If we don’t do this, no one will.

Please do this so that what happened to you and to me will never happen to another person again.

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