Meta-Bank/Indigo Credit Cards are SCAM Credit Cards!! Beware ALL readers.

Incomplete information/Unlawful

Response from Company

Posted Tue June 30, 2009 7:16 pm, by Chris F.

written to Metabank/Meta Financial & Indigo


I recently applied for a credit card through Metabank/Metafinacial Genesis Bankcard Services/ Bankcard Services. I actually now researching the company more do not know who in the world I actually applied with for the Indigo Mastercard. The credit card is marketed towards individuals with blemished credit or subprime credit. I thought this would be the perfect card so I could cancel a really low limit higher fee card since my credit scores from myfico indicated my scores have gone up over 100 points placing me in the subprime category.

Regardless, I received a letter back from the company stating my application was declined and for specific reasons to give them a call or mail them a letter with the request and a letter would be mailed back out to me. I was a little disappointed but not overly heartbroken but I wanted to know the specific reasons why the application was declined.

I called the number and after being placed on hold for several minutes the lady says I need to contact Equifax. I said well ok, but how is Equifax going to let me know the specific reasons why your company declined the application? The response was “they will let you know”. I said that is impossible and regardless I check my equifax report on a daily basis and know my FICO score “atleast one of FICO scores based on that specific algorithm” I need a letter stating why the application was declined. I asked her why they even sent the letter stating to call them for the reasons if they were not going to provide that information to them.

The response was because we have to let you know if you are declined and approved and Equifax can let you know why you are declined. I was joking with her and said Is it because I am white.. I was Just making a joke and laughed because this whole conversation is pointless as well as the letter.. She then proceeded to tell me that was uncalled for and hung up. I am not to upset she hung up.. She didn’t hang up based on the comment but because she didn’t want to do her job in the first place. She was just looking for any reason to hang up the phone.

5975000107 MJACE

The company needs to not send out a generic declination letter and then tell them to call them for the specific reason if they are not going to provide them. Even it is some generic reason that is better than not providing one at all. The card is geared towards a subprime market however it appears they are truly wanting high average/prime credit.

The company needs to be upfront and honest. If they don’t offer cards to subprime borrowers then change the marketing. I’ve already been told by prime banks that once my FICO score goes up 20-40 points to call them back and they will look at giving me a card. I guess that point is moot however the company needs to send out specific/ generic reasons as to why an application is declined. They are sending out a letter regardless so they might as well send a letter with specific reasons as opposed to a letter that says declined and to call us for specific reasons and then we’ll blow you off.

That is rediculous!!!! (I agree that one letter should have been mailed out with the reason on it, and no phone call should have to have been necessary. This really is ridiculous. It is humiliating to be told to phone META Bank and then to be told you have phoned the wrong number)


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Re: Incomplete information/Unlawful Response from Company

by j r. Posted Tue August 18, 2009 @ 4:58 PM

I also had a credit card with meta bank/Indigo I was never late, never went over the limit and recently 2months ago I decided to pay the balance and just save the card for emergency’s…. but I got a letter in the mail today advising that my card had been closed…. I guess they do prey on the people that cant pay and if they cant make any money off of you they close your account…. I called there customer service and they advised that they would send me a letter in the mail advising the reason but why not send that up front… The rep said it may have to do with the economy… They wait until you pay them off and have good credit and then they no longer want you as a customer….  (Right, if META Bank can’t make any money off of you, then you are not any good to them.)


Meta bank/Indigo rip-off by jayla s. Fri August 21, 2009 @ 6:12 PM

Re: Incomplete information/Unlawful Response from Company

by rican Posted Sat August 1, 2009 @ 9:06 PM

I totally agree with calling them for specific because it is against privacy issues to give out that information. Usually you receive a letter telling you, you’ve been declined and then you have an address or now you can go online and get the information from whichever the Credit house they used. Problem is it does not mean you have bad credit , it may be eg. you purchased car and applied for a credit card it when you applied for this card it looked like too much at one time. It really isn’t always bad credit and thats what it sounds like with you. But with all the fraud thats going on in our society the laws on privacy is maxing out. SO just think of it like that, how would you like if someone could get information over the phone that easily. They could have explained it a lot better. Stay cool it sounds like you did.

FYI from someone who works the field.

( This is not completely true. Over the phone a customer can give the same personal information or security information that they can give on a computer. Meta Bank should have written one letter that said we are not able to give you credit for the following reason X,Y & Z specifically and then be done with it. Any customer who has just been turned down for credit, and told to phone a number, so that they have played by the rules they were given, and then gets sent to another number because it is “the wrong” number they have called will be pretty angry)


Re: Incomplete information/Unlawful Response from Company

by MetaBank Indigo Mastercard ExCustomer Posted Wed July 29, 2009 @ 11:39 PM

Meta-Bank/Indigo Credit Cards are SCAM Credit Cards!! Beware ALL readers. I was a customer of MetaBank for (7) Months, I had a 800.00$ Credit Line and my account was never late, never over the limit, or never incurred any fee’s. (I guess MetaBank Doesnt like that)- They “Prey” Off of the customers who “Don’t Pay”. After the 8th month, and a Perfect credit record, MetaBank decided to “Close” out my IndigoMastercard and I found out when I went to the store to purchase something. I was never notified until (21) Days later by mail, with a “Generic” Letter stating to contact them for the “Specific Reason” as to why they canceled out my Credit Card Account. When I called their apparent “Bank-Card” Services number, I was “Hung Up” on, after I verified ALL of my information and my Account number. I called back 5minutes later, and was told my a CSR Rep at MetaBank, that “My Account Was Just Closed” and I would get a letter in the mail in 10 days telling me exactly why. Well, as we know- This was a flat out LIE. The letter came over 2 weeks later, It did not specify “Why” my Account was “Just Closed Out”, when I was such an exellent customer. The letter was “Generic” and had no information at all, It only stated “Thanks, we Closed your Account”- Very nice of this Meta-Bank!! Now 32 days later, MetaBank has Failed to respond to such reasons as to why they closed out a perfectly good standing credit card account. It doesn’t take a genious to figure out that if your card balance is (Zero) and you have 800$ credit available, and then you DENIED….that this Bank is scamming out good paying customers! The customer service is Horrible, they hang up on people, they do NOT have “Current” credit card policy’s up to date when you call, and last- They just like to Cancel out Faithfull Paying Customers. It has been over 30 days since “They” closed my Account, and it is still listed as “Open” with all 3 Credit Agency’s. Also, If I phone the 800 number and enter my “Apparent Closed” Account, it still tells me I have a (Zero Balance)and I have (800$) Available Credit. After calling back several days ago, I was told that my Account was Closed, which it is not. It is”suspended”. Please be advised—– MetaBank is a Scam bank, and they are Very Very Sneaky. If you have MetaBank, you should watch every single move you make with them. They practice very badly, and still over one month later- Have NO explanation as to why my card account was closed. If you have The Metabank/Indigo Credit Card, Do yourself a HUGE FAVOR! CUT it up and Pay it Off!! You will eventually be Scammed, One way-or another! Trust “this” Ex-Customer.


Prepaid MasterCard100% approval. No ChexSystems or credit check. $0

activation fees.   Apply For A Credit CardLow Rates and Fast Approval. Get A Credit Card.

Apply Now!

(It just seems so strange to have this kind of ad on a page complaining about this kind of thing in the first place. How long will it take for Americans to say to the entire banking system that we will not deal with you at all in any way?)

Did you ever call Equifax?

by Donno Posted Wed July 1, 2009 @ 12:14 PM

She told you Equifax would be able to tell you why you were denied. If someone did this to me, I would follow their instruction and not sit around making racial “jokes”.

*           *              *                *                  *               *               *               *


From reading this online customer complaint of the service they received at Meta Bank, once again we see that the customer feels as if they have been mislead as to what service they will receive by Meta Bank. Meta Bank has created some kind of service that seems tailor made for their needs, and it may have worked for a few months, but then it goes south big time for the complainant. They have not been able to access their own money. They have been left on hold at the other end of the phone when they phone Meta Bank. The blame for everything that has gone wrong gets turned around on them, even by their own peers in this case, or by people who claim to be from among those who would be in the category of being another customer. One of the emails almost sounds like it might be from someone within Meta Bank itself; they even say that they work in the industry. It sure looks to me like it is a Meta Bank employee writing in, but not offering any kind of real solution. The complainant believes they have been lied to by Meta Bank.

The subject gets off track and diverted from the actual focus of the great need for consumer rights and protection in the banking industry that are currently lacking when they crack a joke. It may be yet another Meta Bank employee or yet someone else who continues to divert the topic away from the much needed bank reforms that have hit the underserved by the banking system in the past the most, the most financially vulnerable in our society who are the greatest rick of becoming Meta Bankʼs next target, but we are all susceptible. Americans do not at this time have the protection of Truth in Advertising to protect them in the Banking Industry. Meta Bankʼs responses to customers are so extreme that they are laughable, and we might otherwise consider them to be a big joke except that the company has just taken advantage of us in a major way. And if Meta Bank has not just taken advantage of us recently, they could be in the process of tailoring a new product with you in mind. No one is exempt from their strategies; you, your needs and desires, and your greatest fears are being studied by Meta Bank so that they can target a Prepaid Debit Card toward you when you may feel the most vulnerable.

And why not? It would just put more money in their pockets and unburden you from having to carry around all that extra cash that has become so problematic for you recently.

If you do not speak up for the most vulnerable in our society, there will be no one left when the time comes for someone to speak up when you need someone to speak up for you.

Write to ask your US Senator and your US Legislator to initiate bank reforms in the United States without delay. We needed them last year.

  • We need protection against false advertising in Bank products.
  • We need closer regulation of banking practices.
  • We need closer regulation of overdraft policies.
  • We need to be better informed of ways that we can actually save and earn money.
  • Banks are out to earn money for themselves.
  • We need to know where we can go to get  clear, accurate and unbiased information about bank policies, laws and all things that will affect us as consumers regarding bank policies, but please keep these regulations straight forward and direct or simple so that we are not always being taken advantage of by the people we think are there to serve us.

Americans are tired of the way the banking system has been taking advantage of us for far too long. The changes we have needed are long over due.

My fellow Americans, we need to think about saving our money more. We need to become savers and neighbors. Invest locally. Use local banks where you can walk in and talk to the bank manager in person.

Be the change you wish to see happen in America.

Do not expect others to make this change happen for you.                                                                                                                               No one is going to write to the US Senator to ask for help, but you.                                                                                                             No one is going to write to the US Legislator to ask for help, but you.

Is this so much to do to help America?

How do you envision the future of America? Work for a better America. Write that letter and put it in the US Mail as soon as possible. So many people need your help. Please do this simple thing, write two letters, ask for bank reforms for Americaʼs Future. 318766

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