Meta Bank’s debit travel card nightmare may be symptomatic of the banking industry: customers are crying out for bank reforms

If you’ve been victimized by “fraud, deception, or unfair methods of competition” as a result of having done business with Meta Bank, for example, or any other bank, especially by using their debit travel card, or their debit card in general, please contact your State Attorney General’s Office and the Office of Thrift Supervision at the US Department of Treasury at the address given below:

If you have received “unsatisfactory customer service” from Meta Bank and you have not been able to get this problem resolved satisfactorily with Meta Bank after writing to Meta Bank, or any other bank, please write to share your story and experience with the Better Business Bureau of Des Moines, Iowa which is the capitol of the state where Meta Bank is headquartered.

If you feel like you have been “mistreated” in any way by Meta Bank, please also send in a complaint to the Attorney General’s Office in the state where you live. Please do this as soon as possible.

If you have been “taken advantage” of by improper or shady banking practices at Meta Bank,or any other bank in the USA,  please write to let the

Office of Thrift Supervision,

Department of the Treasury,

Consumer Affairs Division,

1700 G Street, NW;

Washington, DC 20552

know about all the details of what happened to you. Please include copies of all your written communications with that banking institution.

If all of you write, these agencies will have the “big picture” about Meta Bank, or any other bank, and these agencies will be better equipped to stop Meta Bank’s, or any other bank’s, negative practices. You will be serving your greater community by writing these letters.

What happened to you should not happen to another person again in the future. Your letters, one from each of you, to each of the agencies above, about your negative experiences will make the right kind of change happen for the future. Write a letter so that your friends and neighbors, even people you may not have met yet, won’t be taken in and have the same negative thing happen to them that may have happened to you. If only someone had written in sooner, perhaps this would not have happened to you at all! But someone must share their experience with the right agencies so that changes can happen.

However, without your letter nothing will happen. No changes will be made. More people will be taken advantage of in the future unless everyone who has been tricked, defrauded, mislead or had any other kind of banking problems with Meta Bank, or any kind of bank in the USA, speaks out against these kinds of injustices.

Yes, I am well aware that Meta Bank, and perhaps other banks as well, wastes an inordinate amount of time pushing around blame just trying to get out of a mess rather than working to resolve a problem. Do not be discouraged by this. This is as much of the problem as all of the other things they may have hurled your way by way of creative verbiage. Please make a note of all the tall tales you have heard from Meta Bank, or any other bank, and share them with the above mentioned authorities.

You know what is the truth and what is reasonable. Think about what is logical and what is good in the minds of the average American person, and ask yourself if you have actually asked for anything beyond what is the truth, what is noble, what is good, what is of good rapport, and what is reasonable when you have dealt with this bank.

Then, please write these letters to protect the innocent from the banking practices such as Meta Bank, or any other bank in the USA, has foisted upon the American Public during this past year or so. Proper Banking Regulations are needed to protect the general public and bankers who are genuinely honest and hard working. If you speak up to explain the difficulties you have had as an ordinary citizen, then we may finally get the protections that we really need.

May no one else experience what you or I did at the mercy of Meta Bank’s, or any other bank’s, capriciousness. Act now. Please.

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